Monday, November 21, 2005

First Meeting of DC Progressive Book Club

Our first meeting will be on Tuesday, January 24. We will meet at Cleveland Park Library at 7:00pm. We will discuss "When Corporations Rule the World" by David Korten. We will focus on Chapters 1-12, 18, and 22. The meeting is open to all.

Below is the feedback system that Korten describes as fundamental to the corporate regime. Its pernicious effects are found not only in physical environmental degradation, but more importantly in the degradation of our mental/cultural environment.

The feedback system:
1) ADVERTISING: assures us that products will make us whole, which leads to =>
2) BUYING THE PRODUCT: which requires more money, which leads to =>
3) QUEST FOR MONEY: which widens the gaps between ourselves, family, and community, which leads to =>
4) DEEPENING ALIENATION: which creates inner sense of social and spiritual emptiness, which leads to =>
5) ADVERTISING: back to 1) again where advertising assures us that products will make us whole. This starts the downward spiral over again.

Is Korten correct in his assessment of the corporate system? If so, how do we break this feeback loop? Or is Korten incorrect? If so, what can be proposed as a more accurate picture of the corporate system? These are some questions to contemplate as we read the book.


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